Why Your Visa Application was Rejected

While talking to an attorney is always advised for you to be on top of the process and as informed, these are some of the pointers to avoid an unsuccessful Visa quest.
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Speaking to immigration officers and interviewers at various consulates and embassies, we establish that prospective visitors to the US make some common mistakes while trying to get their temporary visiting passes and end up frustrated with the whole process. While talking to an attorney is always advised for you to be on top of the process and as informed, these are some of the pointers to avoid an unsuccessful Visa quest.

Top on the list, incomplete application or unavailability of supporting documentation (221g rejection), officers at the consulate see hundreds of prospective candidates weekly and therefore have to be strict when an interview slot is made available. Be sure to be armed with vital supporting travel documentation including passports, duly filled forms, bank and financial records etc. to ensure a smooth and successful run.

When getting a temporary Visa like a B1/B2 always strive to show and demonstrate your intent. This includes the purpose of your visit as well as intentions to return to your home country after the lapse of your Visa. This can be demonstrated by documents showing your itinerary as a tourist maybe planning to visit the Grand Canyon or historical buildings in Washington DC. You should also prove beyond any reasonable doubt to the officer that you have a life/investments/career in your home country that you plan to get back to in due time. This could be in the form of showing documentation from your place of work or business, family photos or ongoing activities that you are directly engaged in at home.  

It is prudent to have an active bank account with a regular flow of income that proves financial independence and alleviates any doubts of your survival in the USA. This is specially to avoid immigrants who become a burden to the social systems in America as they cannot fend for their stay and survival. To also further improve your standing, show proof that you’ll be staying with hosts in the respective states you will be visiting like relatives or friends as this further eliminates any doubts of your wellbeing in the States.

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Avoid fraud and misrepresentation especially when filling your DS-160 forms and answering questions. Strive to be as accurate and truthful in your application as lying could potentially cause permanent ineligibility. From the smallest things like declaring any blood relatives in the US or any prior visits to lying about a criminal record could adversely affect your Visa application with a 212 a/b/c/i rejection.

Any prior unlawful presence in the USA could also bar your Visa application. This could be anything from extension of your legal visit which carries a punitive travel ban or going against your Visa requirements like seeking employment/working on a B1/B2 Visa.

Visa application or getting to visit the USA should not be as complicated when you find a qualified immigration consultant to hold your hand and get you there. Contact us at smusyimi@solomonthelawyer.com or 713-544-4444 for all your immigration needs!

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