Why It’s Worth Hiring A US Immigration Attorney

You know, getting into any country is not a walk in the park as far as legal ramifications are concerned, the US is no exception.
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Immigration attorneys mostly exist to ease up the process with haste and proper due diligence. You want to visit the US, first process is getting a Visa, with up to 185 types to choose, a good immigration lawyer advices on the best available option depending on your business in the States. Changing from one Visa option to another is also allowed as you get to enjoy more privileges when you switch to maybe a B-1 to an E2 under the counsel of a good attorney. You may also be exposed to options available under proper guidance, this maybe citizenship through marriage as opposed to a lengthier green card application. 

It is also imperative for employers looking to hire foreigners to get in touch with a good immigration lawyer who understands the system, rules and compliance from liaison with the embassy, labor departments and the immigration service. A good attorney makes sure compliance deadlines are met with good paperwork, advices on the right visas to file for employees while keeping tabs with the day-to-day changes in the immigration system.

In the unfortunate event that a visitor becomes inadmissible due to past transgressions or run-ins with the law, an immigration attorney could be sort to advice on the way forward, from appealing or seeking waivers from the USCIS (US Citizenship & Immigration Services). Generally, inadmissibility may be due to felonies committed or initial illegal entry into the US. Incase of apprehension or summoning by authorities like ICE and NTA a lawyer’s counsel, guidance and representation should be sort.

An immigration attorney may also be the key to fast-tracking your visa/citizenship applications. It’s important to note that USCIS is in no way obligated to advice on your immigration needs and delays in paperwork and processing may arise. A good lawyer comes in to assist and facilitate your applications with the labor department and the National Visa Centre as well. 


Hiring a good attorney with invaluable experience in immigration greatly increases your chances with the system as timely and costly mistakes with filing could jeopardize the whole process.

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