Divorce, Dos and Don’ts

Divorces are generally hard and strenuous especially putting into fact that they take away a considerable part of your life. However, even in turmoil preparation is vital as you get your case in order.
Divorce LFSM

During a divorce, contests are mainly with property, children and money, therefore, when filing, top on your priority should be to get financial records/documents and paperwork in order. This should also include protecting critical info. that may potentially be used against you when filing, such as bank records, this therefore is the right time for some privacy albeit subtly not to spook your partner.

No rush decisions should be made especially with joint property as a not so clean paper trail may open a can of worms in your divorce trial, you should also be keen to gradually stop direct deposits to joint accounts and checking accounts while closely monitoring your credit facilities. When filing, be careful not to accumulate debt especially in the pretense of marital debt as this may spoil your future financial standing individually. It is also advised to make a projected budget as you foresee your future living situation with alimony, child support and other trumped-up expenses that may come with separation and divorce.

In anticipation of a legal battle, be careful with anything that may dirty your standing in front of a judge. Be careful with social media posts that may negatively reflect on your character, depending on your jurisdiction and advice from attorneys, evaluate your options in matters separation and moving out from your marital home albeit while staying active in your children’s lives and keeping a record of the same in case of custody battles. Evaluating your annulment situation could also be vital as in some cases of an uncontested divorce, both parties actually amicably agree to a divorce. It may thus be good to try and speak to your spouse about the divorce as you get lawyers to assist in drafting papers and agreements.

If served divorce papers, be sure to review and properly go through the paper work with an attorney, check pending court dates, summons, reasons for the legal annulment of your marriage to get your defense in order. Also have your facts right as you avoid understating or overstating your finances in front of a court especially in child or spousal support hearings.

Divorce LFSM


Understandably, divorce is a hard and draining process but we cannot stress this further, do not quit! Get a good attorney and put up a fight!

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