Claire Kyalo

Claire Kyalo

Executive Coordinator


Claire W. Kyalo is a Mental Health & Human Rights Consultant and Educator with an M.A. in Human Rights, Development and Social Justice from the Institute of Social Studies, The Hague Netherlands. She also earned an undergraduate degree in International Relations and management. To date she has experience with key institutions including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Consulting Firms where she has successfully delivered excellent research, analysis and client service. She recently acquired a diploma in Mental Health, Human Rights and Law WHO/Indian Law Society) in a bid to understand the emerging pandemic, while understanding the human-rights based approaches to inclusion.

Claire is currently involved in Mental Health Advocacy both as an individual and affiliated with the Global Mental Health Peer Network. Mental Health, Inclusion and Human Rights Advisory is her forte. Claire also trains on how to safeguard mental health at the Workplace, NGO’s, Churches and CBO’s.

Claire has further involved herself at the grassroots level with Mental Health Literacy training for teachers in schools, peer support for mothers of premature babies, in a bid to create mental health literacy in the Kenya though the Heart of Humanity Foundation among other projects.

Her background in the mental health field, enables her to handle clients with compassion and professionalism at the Law Firm of Solomon Musyimi.


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